Katharine Valentino

I worked for 30 years at menial jobs before acquiring a BA degree in journalism. For the next 20 years, I worked at slightly more interesting technical jobs and as a reporter and graphic designer for local newspapers and magazines. I retired in 2018, moved to the backwoods of Oregon, and for a few years worked as the website administrator and editor of a literary magazine that is now sunsetted.

These days, I edit articles for Politically Speaking, a Medium publication, and write political commentary and creative nonfiction. I also design Medium publications and build websites for people who I am happy to say become friends.

Some of my creative nonfiction and website designs are published here on Medium and on my website. Others can be found in various literary magazines and anthologies: Syndicated, Fifty Word Stories, Entropy, The Daily Abuse: Women’s Accounts of Sexual Violation, Groundwaters, Mothers Always Write, BONED: A collection of skeletal writings, Catapult, Sincerely Magazine, Oregon Humanities Magazine, Work Literary Magazine, Setting Forth—on a Literary Itinerary, TALES OF OUR LIVES — Fork in the Road, bioStories, Our Memoir Collection: Everybody Has a Story, and Cat Fancy Magazine.

I write because I must; I edit for the same reason. But one thing I do for pure pleasure: Almost every day that it isn't raining or snowing here in my little Oregon retreat, I walk. I walk for miles with my beloved companion, my Silly Lilly.

Silly Lilly chases squirrels. I'm rather more sedate.


Katharine Valentino

Katharine Valentino

Writer and editor with considerable experience still trying for the words that make us do and feel good things. Website: https://settingForth.pub